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APPG for Adoption and Permanence

The All-Party Parliamentary Group for Adoption and Permanence aims to amplify the voice of families engaged in adoption and other forms of permanence to promote the development of effective policy and practice.


about us

The All-Party Parliamentary Group for Adoption and Permanence (APPGAP) was established in February 2019. The group is chaired by Rachael Maskell, MP for York Central. Charities Adoption UK and Home for Good provide the secretariat for the group.


Inquiry - the future of the adoption support funD BEYOND 2020

The Adoption Support Fund (ASF) became available to adopters throughout in England in May 2015. The fund was established in recognition of the fact that many adoptive families needed some form of therapeutic support.
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“This new APPG is a very important opportunity to advocate for some of the most vulnerable children in society and I am delighted to be leading it. Adopted children have had a very tough start in life and they deserve the attention of policy makers to ensure they are able to build a better future.”

- rachael maskell MP, APPGAP CHAIR




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